The waste material tells a lot for the health!

A lot of people are ashamed to talk of the poop, but this is vital for the health! defecation is a normal process and any bowels change can be due to changes in diet, infection, illness and such.

Stool is 75% water, the rest is fiber, alive and dead bacteria, mucus and cells. The normal waste is long, whole and soft. Texture has to be equal and in shape of S. this is the shape of the intestines. For healthy color of the poop, medium brown.


Lumpy, small and hard– inflammation in small intestines, a bit abrasive, 1-2 cm diameter and common if you take antibiotics and have some bleeding.

Sausage shape and lumpy– hard to pass, makes bleeding in the anus and normal for IBS

Sausage shape, cracked layer– like the previous, bleeding, but processed fast.

Smooth, soft, sausage shape– normal and healthy


Blobby with sharp edge– for those that defecate few times per day after eating

Fluffy, torn and ragged edges– soft, hypertension and stress issues

Diarrhea– like regular diarrhea, it can go with conjuction or constipation. This might be serious, depending on color and smell

Black or red– also not good and might be GIT bleeding

Yellow or white– gallbladder issues

The smell comes from:

Cystic fibrosis
Bad digestion

Source: healthymultiverse

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