Myths And Beliefs During Your Period; Are These True? Taking A Bath On Mentrual Cycle Is Harmful – NewspaperPH

Can a folklore be true? Old beliefs during menstrual period is examined and tested by doctors.

According to other people’s beliefs, taking a bath during your menstural cycle can be harmful to your health. As the old wives tales tell you that it may open your pores in your private area and the water will get inside your body that can cause mental health problems that eventually make you go crazy.

Maybe these stories started back when people are taking a bath in open spaces, or in natural waters like lakes, rivers or in the sea where bathrooms does not exist yet.

But now, you don’t have to follow these myths. 

Bath and shower are obviously available in our time, and the cleanliness of your surroundings depends on you.

But taking care of your body and proper hygiene is certainly important when you have menstrual period.

Doctors don’t believe these kind of stories and recommended to take a nice, long, warm bath everyday. Continuing clean hygiene routine will keep you fresh and comfortable during your period, you will encounter a lot of issues during your period such as cramps, bloating, fatigue, excessive sweat and nervousness and these things will make you feel so irritated. 

Furthermore, not cleaning yourself can cause you more problem like rash or vaginal infections.

There are no scientific evidence that proves and suggest a bad reason for not getting a bath during your period. 

Actually, bathing regularly and keeping a good hygiene should be made a top most priority for ladies.

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