By Rubbing These Oils Onto Your Teeth And Gums You Will Never Go To You Dentist Again – NewspaperPH

You never know that these essential oils are fantastic for a healthy teeth and gums. Clinical studies proves the safe use and effective results of essential oils.

For several years, people haves used this kinds of oils for a good oral health.

Essential oils are beneficial for eliminating teeth stains, removes bacteria and plaque from gums and teeth, preserve teeth in it’s healthy and strong condition.

Among those essential oils, two are particularly recommended by experts: Tea tree oils and clove oils.

Tea Tree Oil And Bad Breath
Contains antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties that eliminate yeast frim the mouth. It reduces bacteria build up and yeast or fungal infections, also prevents gingivitis.

It get rid of your bad breath and keeps your oral health in an impeccable condition.

Clove oil
Is is rich in eugenol which dentist often use as their analgesic and anesthetic tool.

The pharmacological effects are just fascinating, it provides enough anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to protect oral health.

How to use these two essential oils for oral care

All you have to do is to rub both oils onto your teeth and gums. In this way, you will prevent bad breath, tooth decay, cavities and even gingivitis.

– Mix two drops of each essential oil and combine with some coconut or carrier oil
– Rub the mixture for about 2 minutes everyday

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