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Pinkisk Lips ba ang Gusto niyo? Gawin lang ang mga Steps dito at Maachieve niyo na ang Magandang Labi.

Every woman wants to have rosy and pink lips because pinkish lips will boost and enhance their beauty. But many women are having a problem because of dry and dark lips. So don't worry we have prepared you an amazing natural remedy to get you a pink and lighter lips.

We will make it soft and pinkish in no time. Well, let's go straight to the ingredients all you need is to get all the ingredients complete and follow the instruction below carefully.

Mixture #1


Sugar Powder
Coconut oil


Mix all the ingredients to form a paste mixture.
Then apply straight to your lips. 
Do this at least once a day on a daily basis to get glossy pink lips.

With the help of Sugar, Honey and Coconut oil you can create a paste that is perfect in turning your lips into a pink and lighter color.

Mixture #2


Turmeric Powder 


Mix all the ingredients to form a paste.
Then slightly dampen lips and exfoliate gently with a tooth brush.
Add turmeric paste and let it stay for at least 5 minutes, then scrub off gently again.
Again do this on a daily basis to achieve your goal of having pinkish lips.

With the help of the said ingredients, you can easily get rid of your dry and black lips and turn it into pinkish and glowing lips that you are dreaming.

Mixture #3


Beet Root 


Blend the Beet Root and add a pinch of milk with it.
Get a cotton ball, then rub the cotton ball into the Beet Root mixture and gently wipe directly onto your lips.

With the help of beetroot which is rich with Vitamin A and C and with milk that is also commonly used in many health remedies because of its many health benefits properties, you can rid of your dry and black lips easily.

These 3 remedies are 100 percent effective to help you lighten up your dark patchy lips and glow them into a Pink shiny rose. These best natural home remedies tips are best practiced on a daily basis to give you amazing results with 100 percent guarantee. Go natural with zero side effects.

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