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Narito ang Sampung Paraan Upang Mawala at Makaiwas sa Pagbaho o Pangangamoy ng inyong mga Paa.

It is important to have a healthy and clean foot to prevent bacterial infection and skin diseases. So in order to make these things happen, we should make sure that we always clean our feet especially after a long day at work or after school to ensure that it is away from any infections that may cause bad odor.

Luckily instead of going to spa or salon, you can treat your feet at your home with these helpful tips that we provide just for you. Always remember that treat your feet just like you treat your face because your feet is the one who carries you from your important activities every day.

Here are some of the few advice to help you prevent foul odor and bacterial build up in your feet and maintain healthy and soft feet away from any infections and bad odors.

Always Groom Your Feet.

One of the major factors that cause a foul odor in the feet is bacteria. Most of these bacteria grow under the nails and moistened areas. Always clean your feet with disinfectant and trim the nails to get rid of the dirt to prevent them from building up bacteria.

Clean the ridges in between the toes.

After a shower, it is recommended by podologists to clean the feet thoroughly by using towels in between the toes. Because of the moisture left behind in the feet, bacterial growth and fungal infection gain a higher risk in affecting the foot.

Tea Foot Spa.

It is an effective remedy to fight of bacteria and reduce sweating by using hot tea for your foot. After having a bath, you immerse your feet in a warm tea for 15-30 minutes.

Use An Apple Cider Vinegar.

The acidity of the apple cider vinegar kills germs and fights foot infections because of its anti-bacterial properties. Just soak a cloth or cotton pad in the apple cider solution and apply it on the feet. Let the solution naturally dry on the feet.

Use Lavender Oil.

Using lavender oil prevents foul odor and moisturizes the foot. Just massage the feet with lavender oil or soak it in a water solution with lavender oil.

Use Clean Socks.

Use a thoroughly cleaned sock to prevent skin problems such as fungal and bacterial infection.

Use Foot Antiperspirant.

By reducing sweat and moisture build up, antiperspirant prevents bacterial growth and fungal infections. Just apply it every after a shower or every time you wear shoes.

Foot Checkup.

If there is a prevailing symptom such as skin infection and irritation, medical intervention is advised to prevent worsening of these complications.

Wash Your Footwear.

It is advised to clean the footwear to prevent stacking of dirt and germs. Using antiseptics could reduce build dirt build up which could result in skin irritation and infection.

Always Use Dry Shoes.

It is advised to use dry shoes to prevent foul odor. Using alternate pairs of shoes could be a good method to keep your foot to be protected by staying in a healthy environment.

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