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Narito ang Limang Sinyales na Magkakaroon ka ng Stroke. Alamin Dito Upang Maagapan pa Ito.

Stroke is deadly and can attack a person anytime and anywhere. Many people thinking that stroke is just an unexpected happening of abnormal health problems in the brain then they are probably wrong.

Stroke is just like the other sickness that has its own signs and symptoms before it occurs, that's why knowing more about this sickness is the better way to reduce the possibilities of attack.

A stroke happens when the blood flow in the brain completely stopped that makes the brain cells dies because of the lack of supply of blood in the brain. Most elders from age 65 and above are the ones who suffer from stroke, but what people didn't know is stroke can happen to anyone below 65 of ages. According to the Medicine.Net that there are more than 35 people who got hospitalized because of stroke which is under 65 years of age.

There are many factors that can increase the chances of stroke such as having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and excessive smoking that contribute a big risk of stroke.

Whether you believe it or not here are the 5 warnings signs of stroke that you should watch before it actually happens. It is advisable to see a doctor immediately if you see these following signs.

1. Severe Headache

A sudden severe headache especially when it concentrates on just one side of your head is an indication of stroke that you should not ignore, especially when it attacks you together with the other symptoms below. Ask for medical advice immediately and avoid foods that can increase your cholesterol and blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke.

2. Arm Weakness

Another symptom of a stroke is unexpected numbness or weakness of their arms and other parts of their body especially when it's concentrated on just one side of the body. WebMD has recommended that if you have noticed this symptom you should try to raise your arms above the head and check if you can do it and notice if the affected arms are lower than the other when you notice that it is significantly lower than the other, ask for medical advice immediately.

3. Difficulty in speaking

One of the major symptoms of stroke is the difficulty to speak clearly that have the tendencies to slur the own words. If you notice this symptom try to speak the same word repeatedly and if you continuously slur then you should see a doctor and ask for medical advice.

4. Balance Problem

Most people who suffer from stroke has experience difficulty in balancing and coordination before stroke actually happens. If you are not sure with your balancing you can ask someone to touch your finger or nose and feel it and if you feel numbness it's one of the indication. Another is a walk in a straight line then if you experience difficulty in walking straight, go to the doctor immediately and ask for medical attention.

5. Confusion

Confusion is another symptom of stroke listed by the Stroke Association, this is because of the actual mean that an uncharacteristic inability to understand other people or even to verbalize thoughts of others.

Always remember that it is better to make sure than to suffer from a disabled person. Stroke has many disadvantages in life, so start a healthy lifestyle and eat more veggies than meat, exercise daily and avoid any things that can increase the risk of stroke. If you think that this article is helpful, don't hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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