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Narito ang Anim na Sinyales na may Problema na ang Inyong Lungs at maaaring Masama na ang Kondisyon nito.

Our lungs are the refining organ in the consumption and breakdown of oxygen. It has sponge-like in texture as its appearance. According to understanding the physiology of lungs, it has been said that:

"When we inhale air through our nose or mouth, the air travels down into the larynx and through the trachea. This air then reaches our left and right bronchi, which transports the air to the lung. 

The air then moves to the alveoli – microscopic sacs that absorb oxygen from the air – via the bronchioles. The alveoli then transfer the oxygen into our bloodstream. Finally, the carbon dioxide waste taken in from the air is transferred back from the blood to the alveoli, where it is then exhaled."

And keeping the lungs healthy should be a priority. Getting it filthy is a major concern and here are some signs indicative of such that you should better watch out:


An underlying heart or lung condition has a symptom of occurrence od shortness of breath. This symptom can be narrowed down to either/or because both organs are involved and responsible oxygen transport to tissues and carbon dioxide removal. 

Shortness of breath results when either one of these problems occurs.


Chronic is when something lasts for a long time. It is persistent and doesn't get away. In a simple matter where a cough becomes chronic, it should be considered that the respiratory system signals that there is something wrong with the respiratory system.


Remember that in an irritated or infected airway, mucus or phlegm is produced as part of the body's defense mechanism. But if it lasts longer than it should, with likely more than a month of it, then it may be a warning sign of lung problems.


When coughing up blood occurs, it’s always a problem with either the lungs or the upper respiratory tract. This is something that requires immediate attention; as it may signal a severe health problem.


When our airways are irritated or infected, they will produce mucus (or phlegm) as a defense. If this incessant mucus production lasts longer than a month, it may be a warning sign of lung problems.


Chest pain that inexplicably lasts for longer than a month may be a warning sign. It’s a sign that the lungs are involved in the chest pain is brought on, or made worse, from inhaling, exhaling or coughing.

Here's how to purify your lungs from toxin:

1. Drink green tea
2. Load up on antioxidants
3. Breath deep
4. Stop smoking

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