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Narito ang 5 na Sakit na Makukuha nyo Kung Hindi Kayo Madalas Nagpapalit ng Underwear Araw- Araw. Narito at Basahin nyo.

In our daily lives, It is important that we are changing our underwear every day. Wearing a new pair of underwear every day is a perfect type of woman a man need in his life.

After a refreshing shower, everyone would love to wear a freshly washed underwear, but some people are not hygienic enough and neglect this type of habit on changing underwear daily. If you're not hygienic or tardy enough to change underwear it could lead to various type of health problems.

Here are the possible things that could happen if you're unhygienic about changing underwear every day:

1. Sores or Rashes may develop

If sores or rashes develop on your genital area it simply means that the bacteria accumulate on your undies. You will feel very itchy, irritated and uncomfortable that if not treated could lead to more severe rashes and long lasting pain. You should consult your medical doctor.

2. Manifestation of Yeast Infection

Wearing a wet bathing suit for a couple of our is not good for you because yeast loves wet environment they grow and multiply well in the moist area. Also if sweat is present in your underwear for example after you work out or jog, you should change your underwear right away to avoid accumulation of yeast infection.

3. Private Parts will start to Smell Different

The scents that you are releasing from your genital area is just normal, but scents that have an unusual smell is something that you should worry. If you noticed something different on your genital area especially those malodorous scents, it is because you don't change your undies daily.

4. Urinary Tract Infection or UTI

When you do not change your underwear for a long time, the bacteria may enter the genitourinary tract of your body that causes this urinary tract infection so called UTI.

Wearing your undies for a long time will have a bigger chance that some part of your feces stay into the fabric of your undies and find their way to enter your body and develop infections. It is always suggested to visit your doctor right away.

5. Your Skin will get Itchy

Underwears that are unwashed may accumulate some bacteria and transfer it to your genital area causing it to become itchy.

The skin down there is very sensitive if you scratch it every now and then it may develop to some irritation.

REMEMBER: Washing your underwear regularly especially with water could kill all of those bacteria. Change your underwear regularly to avoid accumulation of infection that may cause irritation on your private part. Be consistent and let this be your habit.

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