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Ito lang Pala ang Makakatanggal ng Kuto at Lisa sa inyong mga Ulo. Basahin dito kung Paano.

Did you experience scratching your head every now and then? Did you felt like there was a crawling bug on your scalp? Check your head now, and find out if it has head lice. Lice are annoying and disgusting to look. It lowers self-esteem and makes anyone uncomfortable.

What are lice?

They are very small parasitic insects they are mostly found in hair and feed off the blood of people to survive.

Where did head lice come from?

Most common transmission of head lice is from one person to another by a direct contact with the family or even in school. It could be indirectly transmitted by things like hat, brushes and combs, hair accessories (hair pins, headband), headphones, pillow, upholstery, towels, coat rocks, etc.

What are the symptoms of having Head lice?

1. Itching on the scalp, ears or neck

2. Lice on the scalp - lice are small and it is difficult to spot on

3. Visible Lice egg or nits on the hair shaft- empty nits are easy to spot because of they are lighter in color.

Some people go to an expensive salon or bought an expensive lice shampoos to treat their head lice. But there are some cheaper ways to treat this parasite.

Alcohol is the secret to cure the lice cheaply.

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol can help to reduce or completely eliminate head lice. The first thing to do before the procedure is making sure that the place is ventilated to prevent inhalation of the fumes. To use it, mix the alcohol with lavender oil and put it in a spray bottle for easy use.

Then spray the alcohol on the hair and comb it out, lice will fall out as you comb your hair. Lastly, blow dry the hair to apply some heat to these small parasites.

To ensure the effectiveness of the procedure, do it daily to make sure you got the newly hatched lice too.

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