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Here are the Secret Benefits of Not Shaving your Pubic hair. #8 is truly amazing.

Now that summer season is here, going to the beach is a top must-do in our lists. However, wearing that sexy skimpy bikini will be a problem once you realize you haven’t shaved down there. For women who love wearing bikinis, shaving is a must. 

There are various products that help shave off that unwanted hair and promote safety removal of pubic hair. Waxing is another option when removing pubic hair and it also helps reduce the growth of pubic hair.

With today’s unspoken belief that pubic hair should be removed and shaved, it is also seen as unfeminine if you keep it. However, there are benefits to keeping your pubic hair. We have to remember it was created with a purpose for our body. It also contributes to better health because it helps avoid diseases. It is best if you check out the different benefits of keeping your pubic hair.

1. Protects the vagina during heavy physical activities.

Whenever we do physical activities that cause friction in our private area like, cycling or jogging, the hair down below helps reduce friction and acts as a cushion. It also protects your private part during intercourse.

2. Prevents moisture on the private part.

It has been a common misconception that it would be easier to keep the private part dry if it was hairless. It would be easier to clean but whenever you get all sweaty, the hair actually helps absorb moisture and keeps the area dry to avoid infection.

3. Avoids Yeast Infection.

Yeast Infection comes from moisture. It could be sweat or water moisture but, it develops bacteria that lead to yeast infection. Pubic hair has been identified by dermatologists to be useful in preventing yeast infection as pubic hair absorbs moisture and protects the private part.

4. Helps manage body temperature.

Hair helps manage our body temperature, that’s why mammals can live if it’s hot or cold. The same goes with our body, pubic hair helps control our body temperature whenever we go inside an air-conditioned room or outside the hot sun.

5. Prevents bad hygiene from shaving.

That goes to say that whenever you shave, we use different equipment like the razor. If the razor is dirty when used, chances are bacteria might cause infection. Same goes for creams and other products that help remove hair.

6. Avoid diseases like herpes.

Once you accidentally cause a wound near the private part using a dirty razor, the infection will start that might lead to herpes, since herpes starts from an infection caused by wounds.

7. Prevents Itching and Irritation.

If a wound has ensued from shaving, chances are it will start itching. It also might lead to ingrown hair, redness, and pimple which not only is troublesome but might lead to much bigger problems such as infection.

8. Adds to sexual pleasure.

While shaved pubic hair looks attractive, and sexy, to women with pubic hair, rubbing the hair also adds pleasure. Thus it will lead to more pleasurable sexual intercourse. Just make sure keeping the pubic hair is alright with your partner too. There are some men who prefer pubic hair because it adds pleasure during intercourse.

9. Avoids sexual transmitted diseases and infection.

According to research people who frequently groom their pubic hair have a higher chance of getting diseases. This is because if there is a cut or wound near the area, there is a high risk of transmitting disease because of the open wound.

10. It also adds sexual attraction.

This might be surprising to some, but on the scientific point of view, the pubic hair adds to the production of pheromones that makes a person attractive. It also stimulates a smell in your area that promotes sexual attraction.

There are the benefits of not shaving your pubic area, however, it is still up to you whichever you decide for your own personal hygiene.

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