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BABALA! Pumanaw ang Babaeng ito Pagkatapos niyang Makuha ang sakit na HIV dahil sa Pagpapalinis lamang ng Kuko.

HIV virus is a popular disease which can be transmitted through many ways. HIV or human immunodeficiency virus can cause a life-threatening condition. This virus causes chronic disease that can affect and lower the immune system of one person leading to some organ failure.

HIV can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, vaginal fluid, semen, pre-ejaculation, breast milk, blood transfusion, and sharing of needles through IV. HIV cannot be transmitted through food sharing or saliva but in blood? Unquestionably YES.

HIV patients can survive with an estimated number of years from 9 to 11 years. But within this period of time patients will suffer from various disease and illness due to their immune system breakdown. Their body will be a wide open attack from many infections that will lead to various sickness like a frequent cough and colds that are almost a common sickness every day for HIV patients.

Just this year there was a case condition wherein a woman age 22 years old was reported that has been diagnosed with HIV virus. According to the report that she haven't done any of the risks of obtaining the infection stated above, later on when the result has released the findings stated that she acquired the HIV virus through sharing of manicure utensils and equipment. Her cousins were also found HIV positive a year ago when they visit a salon to have their nails done and she said that it was her cousin who had manicure and pedicure before her.

According to her that her cousin was accidentally wounded by the manicurist who made some mistake while in the process of the pedicure. The blood was stained in the utensils which the manicurist also used to her. The was then transmitted to her and later the infection entered her bloodstream leading to HIV transmission through blood.

Later on, the case has been revealed to be a new form of HIV transmission but an extremely rare case and risk of infection. But would you still rather take the risk to have beautiful nails in exchange for your precious life?

We all know that most people especially girls are a salon addict which is one of their favorite hang out place with their friends and loved ones just to make their nail done and beautiful. But you should still consider the fact that the tools and utensils in the salon are mostly not properly disinfected that's why it is still frightening because who knows how many people and how many amounts of viruses and bacteria are in the tools. What if the manicurist accidentally wounded you?

We are not discouraging you from going to the salon just to have your nails done. But what we are want to tell yours is you should think twice first. Remember that HIV is a "non-treatable viral infection". So ask the manicurist first if the tools were properly disinfected before you start having your pedicure and manicure.

We highly recommended that if you have lots of time you should still consider to have a pedicure on your own in your house because in this case, you can assure yourself that it is safe because you are just the only one who are using your manicure and pedicure utensils and equipment and at the same time you can disinfect your tools after using.

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