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ATTENTION GIRLS! Here Are The Reasons Why Your Private Part Are Having Unpleasant Smell And Here Are Some Tips To Lessen Those Smells!

As a woman, vaginal health plays a vital role in womanhood. One example of having a healthy private part is a perfectly acidic and contains a normal amount of bacteria to fight any infections that may occur and to keep the acidic pH balance.

Adequate discharge is normal because it keeps your vagina in a normal state but If one of these common situations is disturbed, a vaginal infection may occur.

Vaginal odor may appear throughout the menstrual cycle and may also noticeable after a sexual intercourse. Normal sweating can also trigger vaginal odor. Many women are eager to use deodorant products just to reduce the smell but these products may actually increase the irritation and other vaginal symptoms.

One of the common vaginal infection and cause of vaginal odor is Bacterial vaginosis which overgrowth normally occurring vaginal bacteria. The other one is Trichomoniasis a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to the unpleasant smell of private part.

Here are some signs and symptoms telling that your vaginal health is conceded:
Red, swollen or aching mucous membranes 
Extreme discharge
Dryness, burning and itchy vagina
Irregular bleeding
Bleeding after intercourse
Appearance of gashes

We can't ignore the fact that not all the girls out there have the guts to see a doctor and consult about their private part problems, so one of the thing that you can do to avoid these problems is to make sure a proper hygiene and add an extra care when it comes to your private part. Here are some of the important tips on how to keep your private part healthy.

Simple tips on how to keep your Private Part Healthy:

1. Rinse with water only: Nowadays, a feminine wash is widely known of every woman as a component in practicing a proper hygiene. Nevertheless, some of the gynecologists didn't suggest it they rather inform to use only a clean water.

2. Be careful choosing soap: Choosing the right soap is important so that it will not obstruct the pH level of your vagina. Soaps that contain olive oil is better and highly recommended.

3. Avoid eating too much junk food: Eating food that contains too much sugar and carbohydrates have a possibility of having an unhealthy vagina.

4. Observing healthy diet to keep a healthy vagina: To have perfect vaginal health drink lot of water and eat the correct foods in that way you can achieve healthy vagina as well as a fit boy to add with that to cure some illnesses that may occur.

5. Don't smoke: As some research conducted, the nicotine and tar present in cigarettes can contribute bacteria production to your vagina. These toxins can close the pores in the vulva and it can generate the bad odor.

6. Treat infection as early as you can: There are three different vaginal diseases the yeast contamination, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis treat this kind of illnesses as early as you can before it can lead to a serious infection.

7. Practice safe sex: using condoms or any protection during intercourse is important because it can assure you that you are safe and free from any sexually transmitted diseases.

8. Avoid touching your vagina to keep your pH level balanced: Douching can lessen the acidity of the vagina by distressing its physiological pH balance. Because normally the vaginal pH is ranging from 3.8 to 4.5 if your vagina has a disturbing smell visit your doctor right away.

9. Regular Checkup: As a woman, it is important to have a gynecological exam regularly at the age of 21 you must conduct a gynecological test.

10. Eliminate the use of antibiotics: Women are more prone to infections than men. One of the common infection is the yeast infection that may happen to all women. The yeast multiplies and grows as the response to antibiotic especially oral antibiotics.

11. Wear Comfortable underwear: Pick an underwear that is made off natural fabrics to avoid irritation.

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