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11 Worse Things That You Should Avoid To Say Or Do In Front Of Your Children!

It is really a struggle when where are teaching our kids to learn all the things they needed and to nurture them with all the love that they need.

Sometimes, as parents, we often commit mistakes and makes it hard to compromise with your children. Even our intentions are good and if it's done inappropriately, our children might feel worse about themselves.

These are the things that you need to avoid for your children:

1. Don't Get Angry.

Anger would always lead to disapproval from your children and distance themselves from you.

2. Do not compare.

You can always encourage your children to improve themselves but not by comparing his actions and accomplishments with other children.

3. Do not over-exceed expectation.

It is alright to expect good things and great achievements from your children but never exaggerate things for them. This would make your children responsible for the things they need to undergo to mature and grow adaptively but over expecting many great deals from your children might lead to heartache and frustration. This would also provide them an idea that there is no room for failure which is a bad thing for their growth.

4. Stop tolerating your children.

They need to be disciplined in order for them to develop a better behavior and skills. It's better to provide boundaries for your children to know their stand-point about following their elders and to be respectful to others.

5. Encourage them even when they fail.

Do not undermine their failure. Instead, try to encourage them to do better and make them feel that it is okay to fail. Learning always starts in some mistakes.

6. Never shame your children.

They become less confident on the things they do and always get intimidated easily because of fear of being shameful.

7. Don't let them practice being submissive.

This will turn them more passive and always seek to conform authority from others which would lead to belittlement.

8. Do not threaten them.

Do not enforce fear on your children. This would traumatize them and eventually might affect them when they grow up.

9. Do not force strong emotions to them.

Inflicting strong emotions to your children would put them in a situation where they will have a hard time to comprehend.

It is best to show compassion and love to your children which they easily understand.

10. Do not shift your frustration and anger on your children.

Do not shift your anger towards your children. Tolerate and manage anger when you are with your children. These things are easily encoded in their thoughts and somehow could provide problems for them. These things could ruin their judgment between doing things and also practice anger.

11. Let them feel vulnerability.

They need to learn to express their sadness and heartache. Let them experience sorrow and pain. It is best to guide them through their trials and comfort them the best that you can.

As parents, we are only here to guide them in all the things they do in order for them to succeed in life and provide them all the things they need to grow and develop them to have a healthy mind and body.

This will eventually help them to pursue the good things in life and forge their way to their struggles and trials.

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