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10 Habits That You Should Stop Doing If You Want to Live Longer

Sometimes there are a few habits that we usually do daily that gives a negative effect on our body but we are not aware of these things. These activities and habits are the causes of health issues that we commonly encounter.

These habits are also the common reasons why there are many people who don't live long and died at a young age. However, we still have the time to change these bad habits into healthy habits to live a long and lasting life whether we are at any age.

According to some research, age is not a hinder to choose healthy habits. If you want to have a long lasting life stop doing these unhealthy habits.

1. Stop Cheating your Night's Sleep: The correct amount of sleep is 8 hours. Wrong sleeping practice can increase or decrease your lifespan. Sleep can also help you lessen your anxieties, depression and it also regenerates the energy of your the whole body.

2. Stop Letting Fear or Denial that keeps you from being healthy: If you start to live a healthy life do not ever hesitate to continue it because it is good character and state of mind to live longer. 

3. Stop thinking that only big changes count: Do not underestimate what things you can do because your move counts. Even you only have a few minutes to do a workout or an exercise it can help you to live longer and healthier. Just believe in yourself. 

4. Stop stressing yourself: Stress and anger can reduce your lifespan but if you start to manage it properly it is healthier and surely you will have a long life.

5. Stop relying on or blaming your genes: Yes, genes play a vital role in what kind of individual you are right now and you cannot control it. However, you can make a difference on your own for instances choosing to have a healthy lifestyle and quitting from your unhealthy habits. 

6. Stop consuming processed foods: As you get older it is more efficient if you consume natural and organic foods. Processed food can lead to diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol level. Some of them contain unnatural ingredients. It can also lead to some various diseases. 

7. Stop being lazy: If you feel that you do not have enough time to do some exercise or work out stop reasoning out because experts said that at least 30 minutes of exercise daily for 4-5 times a week can prolong your life. 

8. Stop Smoking: If you do this unhealthy habit stop it right away. Smoking can cause severe health problem and it can cause also death. 

9. Stop Holding a grudge: Anger can cause our health at risk. It can affect your heart, immune system and metabolism. Some individuals die because of high cortisol level. 

10. Stop keeping to yourself: It is better to involve yourself in some social activities because it will help you to manage your stress as well as you have a support group that can be your outlet in terms of troubles


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