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In quietness all truth is revealed, not because it comes from a book or a conjured up conditioned thought, it’s revealed because it comes from love. Know the truth and be set free.

There is no other purpose to our existence, but to be an expression of love. It’s not to be anything else; love is who we are. One can make up a story of love to be some belief conjured up by the Conditioned Mind, but this isn’t loves energy, it’s yours. We are love and the base of our existence can’t be changed. It’s like an apple seed, it will always produce apples, and no matter what you do with the apple after it grows and ripens, its nature is always that of an apple. Whether its mixed with other fruit, crushed to make apple sauce, blended into a shake, used to make a pie, or just eaten, its nature doesn’t change, so it is with us regardless of what story we make up. It’s only the way the mind has been developed that makes us do anything that doesn’t have love as its base.

When the mind becomes quiet and the noise subsides, there’s a peace that comes over you that passes all understanding. In this peace there’s the realization that life is a manifestation of love and any thought that isn’t in alignment with this is only there because of the Conditioned Mind. One is always of love, one cannot not be, but the awareness of this is mostly blocked. Learn to remove the blocks and be in alignment with love so can be the instrument to plant seeds of love wherever you go. Be very still so you can be sure they’re the seeds of love that are being planted and not self serving seeds. An interpretation of love is not loves interpretation of love. In quietness all truth is revealed, but not because it comes from a book or a conjured up Conditioned Mind thought, it’s revealed because it comes from love and that’s the truth.

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