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You cannot suffer without the thought of suffering. Again: You cannot suffer without the thought of suffering. See the truth in this simple yet profound statement.

You do become your thoughts to the degree of the energy they are given even though you are not your thoughts. Why it’s so difficult to see the real issue with one’s own thoughts is because the suffering is very subtle and is probably not even considered as suffering. Here are a few example of just how subtle the suffering is. Just casually being at the supermarket and looking for the shortest line is a form of suffering. Changing lanes while driving because it’s deemed the person in front of you isn’t driving to your liking is suffering. Wanting someone else instead of the person in a certain political office causes suffering. These along with any other thought of thinking something should be different creates suffering. If the thought wasn’t there, the suffering wouldn’t be there. You can make the spiritual life about anything you want, God, charkas, loving energy, unity, Universal Love, and so on, but the bottom line is a thought about anything doesn’t make it true, it just makes it your story.

This is why I wrote “You cannot suffer without the thought of suffering” there is no suffering without the thought to make it happen. This doesn’t mean things don’t happen that you would prefer didn’t, but the thing itself cannot cause suffering unless a thought is attached to it that reinforces the suffering. Very subtle is this attachment, but so prevalent is the suffering this causes. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s the fundamental principle of all suffering and unless it’s understood, the subtleness will continue to keep you blind to its subtleness and the suffering that is truly going on.

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