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President Duterte Unites Superpowers Against North Korea's Nuclear Threat - NewspaperPH

President Rodrigo Duterte has called the countries of US, Russia, and China for unity against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who is threatening their neighboring countries with nuclear missile tests.
 Duterte described the nuclear weapon exercises  as "playing with dangerous weapons." He said in his visit to the Australian ship HMAS Adelaide, "any distraction using nuclear bombs, nuclear arms, would destroy Southeast Asia immediately."
In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, "President Duterte has a golden heart for humanity. He has a big concern for Filipinos in and outside the country, but a good leader, he also thinks of other nationalities for their welfare. Nuclear weapons can destroy millions of innocent lives instantly."
The world is watching closely for this nuclear threat from North Korea because of their threatening actions. For now, President Duterte issued a statement that superpowers should unite each other to condemn the North Korean's nuclear threat to save human lives. 
It's scary to think that country like North Korea is capable of using this very deadly weapon to threaten other countries. Nowadays, using nuclear weapons for battle should be banned by United Nations as nuclear weapons already killed and destroyed thousands of Japanese people in the past when they were used by the US during World War II.

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