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Truth is not something that’s created to make life fit nicely into a mind made story of the way one thinks life should be. Truth is already in place and it doesn’t need a story to make it so.

Although awakening is a process of becoming aware of what blocks the heart from love, to me it only opens and expands each day by developing a daily mindfulness and sitting practice. Because of this, no longer does the world revolve around my “I” it more so revolves around the “I” of others. Each day I bring a vision of how I can be a benefit to others by writing and posting a daily article, this has been done everyday for the past three plus years. There is awareness into my day to day existence and although there are some mishaps because the conditioned mind is relentless, the process is a continuation into the expansion of truth; with this expansion of truth comes the expansion of love into my day to day life and the life of others.

This expansion doesn’t take thought, it takes a settled mind. The subtitle of my book: You Are Not Your Thoughts was chosen for this reason. All created stories of truth are only our attached thoughts. When this was understood “I” was understood and it was the beginning of the end of the life of lies that I lived. This brought me to the realm of the unknown (truth), and this realm is not something that can brought about by thought. Thought will only block truth. Stillness is where the realm of the Spirit and our true nature manifest, it is where one connects to all of life and feels the warmth and truth of the Sunlight of the Spirit. It is our home, our place of peace that’s passes all understanding, it is the truth of one’s existence. This needs no story to be, one only needs to stop thinking to allow truth to arise.

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