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Remove the mask of addiction the Conditioned Mind uses and see yourself as the beautiful creation that you truly are. We’re all from the same Universe that accepts us just as we are.

After a time when someone isn’t physically addicted to something, the thing that makes one return to the reaching is the Conditioned Mind. There’s nothing physical that makes this occur. It’s called a relapse when this return occurs, but it’s not really a relapse, it occurs because the conditioning that makes a person need to reach for something in the first place is still in place. One may not even want to reach for the thing, but there isn’t much of a choice. A person can only do what they’re conditioned to do so when the conditioning changes to not have the need to reach outside yourself for fulfillment, one’s addiction will be no more.

If this is contingent on anything but the freedom from the bondage of a self that needs to reach, something else will be used as a substitute. Quietness needs to be developed to take away all substitutions, if not the reaching will continue; this is the mask of addiction. A mask is all that’s really ever developed because it shifts the dependency from one thing onto something else. Freedom can only be had when one is free of all masks. To be truly free there has to be freedom of all dependencies and you must be able to be with yourself (without a mask) just as you are, without the need to reach for anything to make you feel different. Remove the mask of the Conditioned Mind and see yourself as you truly are; a beautiful creation of the Universe that loves you just the way you are. The question is do you or do you wear a mask?

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