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Video: Asawa ng seaman scandal: Seaman nagpakamatay dahil sa unfaithful na asawa!

kawawa pala yong mga seaman..!!!

This is the hottest question right now on social media and Google search.
Netizens are getting curious about the whereabouts of this alleged seaman scandal video. This video also dubbed as “Kumpare seaman scandal” or simply “seaman scandal video” is about a pretty lady sitting on a couch who was then approached by a man sporting a blue sando and shorts who eventually had sex with her.

The woman depicted on the video is allegedly the seaman’s wife who is currently abroad. 
According to social media scoops, the alleged seaman tragically ended his life by jumping off to the sea to end his agony. Netizens had a barrage of loatheful messages to the wife and to the kumpare saying stuff like “Grabe siya oh nagsasakripisyo bf/asawa tapos ganyan lang gagawin nya wew…

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