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This Guy Digs A Massive Hole In His Backyard. What He Discovered In The Hole Will Make Everyone Jealous!

This guy dig a hole on his backyard and his neighbors thought he was being insane about it. When Wayne Martin started digging a huge hole on his place, people grew curiosity on what is he up to.

At first look you will immediately conclude that he was about to put up a swimming pool on his backyard. But when they saw that he also bought a huge container to put on the hole, they though “ah, he’s going to make an underground basement,” but their assumptions were all wrong.

Little did they know, Wayne was actually planning to build the most ambitious backyard construction project one has ever seen.

Wayne hired a septic tank company to place the 20-foot shipping container on the hole and carefully put allowance on each side. He then sealed the door at the end of the container and installed a swinging door on the other side.

Next, he installed a concrete step stairs and sump pump on the hole’s entrance, he also covered the entire container with sheets of corrugated metal to support the concrete which later on be poured on to cover the huge hole.

And then, the concrete was covered with soil so he can let plants grow on it as well.

Do you have any guess by now what Wayne is really up to in his backyard?

Watch the video below and see it for yourself:

Yup, Wayne just made himself his own wine cellar. Genius!

What can you say about this guy’s ambitious backyard project? Share us your thoughts on the comments section.

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