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Life is a process and the results that manifest in it are directly linked to the support that is given to the process. The seeds used for support are the seeds that you live by.

What you use as support in life is what determines the results of it. Support of greed, hate, and delusion will produce those results as will support that results in kindness, compassion, and love. This is the way the Universe works and although the results aren’t always seen by others or right away, eventually the individual will experience the results of what is used for support. One cannot support hate without hate being returned, as one cannot support love without love being returned. Life is a process and the results that manifest in one’s life are a direct result of the support that is given to their process. It really can’t be any other way, the seeds that you support are the seeds that grow, there’s no way around this.

For many years my support base was self serving and my results were strictly from this base, it’s no surprise when looking back at my life, all I see is chaos and confusion. How could it not be? Today it’s much different because my support isn’t linked to self serve. I’m not a believer of anything in particular but my experience, and this has resulted in stillness which the Universe uses to decide what my results will be. There’s so much more peace with this support. I already had life exactly how I thought it needed to be and I was miserable. So for me the support that results in peace is what’s of value and minus the story of needing peace or anything else, my support results in all I was ever looking for.

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