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Many of the same thoughts arise and wanting the moment different is the common energy of this repetitive thinking. When you’re with things just as they are, there’s little room for repetitive thinking to be in control.

Over and over the same thoughts seem to go in circles throughout the day, some engaged in because of certain situations and some for no apparent reason at all. What happens while one is caught in this repetitive thinking pattern is it takes away from what is actually going on. This repetitive thinking will only be let go of if there’s awareness it’s happening and even then it will take discipline to stop it. How many times on Sunday do you think about having to go to work on Monday (It’s Monday Only in Your Mind). Or if you see something your attracted to, how many times do you go to what is causing the repetitive thoughts of whatever you’re attracted to. This repetitive thinking can be associated with all different kinds of energy, it’s not limited to any one in particular, but pleasure is a big part of the core energy of repetitive thinking as it’s very enticing to get caught up in things that have the applied label of like attached to it. Even if it seems like a person has repetitive negative thoughts there’s a perverse pleasure still associated to them.

Repetitive thinking become detrimental to one’s well being because of how it takes you away from the present moment and into a created fantasy. A practice of learning to use the body or breath does assist in becoming aware of the repetitive nonsense that many get entrapped to. By all means if your repetitive thinking truly benefits you go for it, but for me I’ve found that it just tends to wrap me up in the bondage of self. Wanting things different is probably the one repetitive thought that causes the most problems and although this may arise disguised as different thoughts, wanting the moment different is the common energy that causes the repetitiveness. When one can be with things as they are there’s little room for repetitive thinking to be in control.

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