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Life is mostly viewed through the intellect and as long as the tools developed by the intellect don’t fail, this view will most likely remain as it is with very little quality of the mind.

One may or may not become aware of how life is mostly viewed through the intellect, but if it does become known, it will be dependent on what tools are in place to cope with life. Some years ago I looked for another way because the tools I used for forty nine years no longer produced satisfying results. I was in a great deal of mind created pain and unfortunately I was only able to use the tools I had developed even though they failed. When one is at this so called crossroad there are many different available ways to go, but which way one heads is dictated by the conditioning in place. Some go inward, some remain entrapped to a downward spiral, some, although on the outside all appears to be well remain in bondage to “I” and some unfortunately die. One can only see what is seen, but that doesn’t mean what is seen is the most beneficial view.

It’s the quality of one’s mind that determines what is seen and the quality is related to the amount of stillness there is in one’s life. Noise takes away from the quality of the mind because it produces nothing but conditioned nonsense; that’s what noise is, conditioned nonsense. Story after story, concept after concept, belief after belief, there’s no stillness in any of these so there’s no quality. There’s plenty of quantity, but it’s all noise. Become mindful of this and watch how life becomes different, or not and remain with your stories, but understand this will limit the quality of your mind and thus it will limit the quality of your life.

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