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It seems as though there’s a choice between a mind that’s noisy and a mind that’s quiet, but when there’s no awareness between the two, the noisy mind rules so there is no choice.

There are two kinds of minds that a person lives by. One is to live life through a mind that’s noisy. This doesn’t need much explanation because anything that’s done through this type of mind is only a benefit to self. The other is to live life through a quiet mind. This one is so much more beneficial because its effects are so much more lasting and wide spread.

The noisy mind only exist to satisfy self, this is pretty cut and dry. Whatever is used in this mindset is used to benefit only yourself. There isn’t much unity or love here. Now granted most people aren’t under the spell of a noisy mind all the time, there’s usually some quietness, both minds can’t be in place at the same time so at any given time, the mind will either be one or the other and the more the mind is noisy, the more time one will spend thinking about and doing things only for themselves.

Now look at a quiet mind and how this mindset benefits all humanity. It touches the entire Universe because that’s its source. This mindset isn’t self created or sustained by doing, it’s a direct result of being aligned with Universal Love. The quiet mind is of the Universe where there’s unity and joy. It has to be this way because love arises from quietness. A quiet mind sustains itself, serves many, and is a benefit to all. So the mind in place is what determines what one brings to humanity and it will either be the noisy mind that creates chaos or the quiet mind where all humanity will be served.

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