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To have a purpose to help others would mean someone has to be suffering in order to fulfill that purpose, this created purpose creates bondage and wherever there is bondage there is suffering.

The noise of the Conditioned Mind arises in many different ways and one of these ways is to create a purpose to get a sense of well being. Let’s use an example I often refer to but is not well received. Years back I was drinking heavily as I was searching for I’m not even sure what I attended a 12 Step program. They have 12 Traditions in place to run the organization and one of them states: “Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers” so in order for the group to exist which is made up of individuals, someone has to be suffering; this then becomes the individuals purpose. To me in this created purpose is one’s created bondage, and wherever there is bondage there is suffering. This suffering is very subtle, but it’s not limited to creating a purpose. Whatever is needed to induce a sense of well being instead of having it well up naturally, to that extent will one suffer.

I’m not saying don’t assist people where it can possibly help alleviate suffering for them, but if there’s attachment to making it a purpose, it will cause your own suffering. This is because you will always need someone who is suffering to maintain your sense of well being, that is just crazy. Why this sense of well being isn’t real is because it’s being manufactured. The Conditioned Mind will tell you what I’m saying is BS, but I will tell you from my experience I don’t need anyone’s suffering to create a purpose for my sense of well being. As a matter of fact any purpose is strictly something created, so why fall prey to its inherent suffering. In stillness no purpose is needed for one’s sense of well being because it arises naturally, so a purpose doesn’t have to be manufactured, especially one that needs someone to be suffering so you can make up a story to appease yourself.

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