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LOOK: Libo-libung Netizens Pumirma at Naghain ng Petition Laban kay Sen.Trillanes

Thousands of netizens were signed a petition made by Mindavote on that urged Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Gordon to immediately file an ethics complaint versus Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

The petition titled ‘Sen. Gordon must immediately file complaint vs Trillanes with the Senate Ethics Committee’ made by Mindanao were already signed by 24,000 netizens as of writing.

“Antonio Trillanes’ obsession with President Rodrigo Duterte and his family needs to be stopped as it is already interfering with the vital work of the senate. The whole nation is now being held hostage by one man’s megalomaniacal delusions. Trillanes is a menace to society. How long will the senate allow him to drag the institution through the mud just to satisfy his personal vendetta,” Mindavote said.

“Sen. Richard Gordon has said that he will file a complaint against Trillanes before the Senate Ethics Committee and move for his expulsion. We now urge the good Senator to make good on his threat, and do the entire nation a public service by removing Trillanes from the Senate in the same manner he left the Armed Forces of the Philippines- in utter disgrace.” The website added.

If proven, Trillanes might get expelled in the senate for violating the ethical standards of the legislative body.

Trillanes, clashed with Senators Gordon and Sotto after the soldier-turned-politician asked the committee to invite Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Atty. Mons Carpio in the next hearing on the P6.4-B shabu shipment from China.

The heated argument even made Sen. Trillanes remarked that members of the committee were ‘lawyering’ for the family of President Duterte.

Trillanes also called the panel a ‘comite de abswelto’ to which Gordon responded by asking Sotto to convene the ethics committee to investigate the former Navy officer.

The war between the two senators didn’t end after the hearing and they continue their word war in several interviews.

“Mahina talaga imagination ng mama na ‘yan, eh. Nagmamadali siya. Yung gusto niyang sabihin without proof, sasabihin niya. That is the sign of a very shallow, idiotic mind.” Gordon said in a radio interview.

Meanwhile, Senator Trillanes said that Gordon would be lucky if he get three of four senators who would sign the ethics complaint against him.

“This is just personal to Senator Gordon. His ego was hurt and that’s all there is to it,” Trillanes said.

“If he believes he can get a majority to sign, then he has lost touch with the pulse of the senators,” he added.

To sign the petition visit the link here.

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