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There is a choice in every moment that occurs which solely puts your life in your hands. If you don’t have awareness of this, you will be controlled unconsciously by what occurs without a choice.

Being in touch with what occurs in each moment of your life is living life as it unfolds without excluding any part of it. It’s easy to ignore what’s not wanted, but to include everything even though it may not be wanted is truly living. If something wants to be excluded find out what it is and why it’s not wanted. Obviously on the surface it would look as though it’s just not liked, but if it’s occurring, what good does it do ignoring it: ignoring then becomes a defense mechanism that keeps you from truly enjoying life. If you only enjoy life when what’s happening is going your way, there will be much suffering because of the way life changes. If you go on a vacation to a tropical island and it’s raining, therein lies your suffering; if it’s sunny everything is deemed great. This is but one example, I’m sure you can find your own that fits your current life.

In the situation described, why it causes suffering is because what’s occurring is being ignored, maybe not consciously, but it’s not wanted so it causes a mind agitation. The thing about this is the rain is totally out of your control, there’s nothing you can do to change it, meaning you can’t change the weather. Well you could do a Sun Dance, but I doubt that will work, so you will either be with life as it is or you will continue to ignore it by wanting it different. These are the choices that occur in every moment and it solely puts your life in your hands. It has nothing to do with anyone else or life circumstances, but if you don’t have awareness of this, you will continue to ignore life as unwanted situations arise. That is until one day when there will be nothing to ignore because life in this form will be no more.

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