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Husband Uses Black Magic To Catch Cheating Wife Making Lover’s Manhood Stuck Inside Her

Doubts are inevitable in a relationship. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your partner but it means you treasure the bond you created. But these doubts can also be false or sadly true. When you’re having doubts that your partner is committing infidelity this can be the reality.

Catching your husband or wife cheating on act seems impossible. That’s why other people chose to hire investigators to tail them. But this Kenyan man used black magic to catch his wife red handed and it really happened.

The husband sought a witch doctor to confirm his intuition. The curse involved the member of the wife’s lover to get stuck inside her while doing their adulterous act.

He police came but his wife and her lover is inseperable because of the curse. He refused to break the spell. And so the lover is willing to pay $205 to the husband to cover for the damages and the embarrassment he had caused.

A pastor was also called to pray over the faulty couple and said, “We rebuke the spirit of devil! I now call the mighty God…who hates the power of death, to call upon your name now…”

The pastor asked the adulterous man if he believed in God and when he answered yes, the pastor said “Siutoe hiyo kitu. Toka!” or “Pull that thing out. Out!” After a few minutes, they are free with being stuck. While the woman, on the other hand, kept sobbing in shame.

The cheating man was escorted by the police to the nearby ATM to withdraw the amount he had promised to the pained husband.

Due to the incident, the husband decided that he will no longer be with his cheating wife.

Watch the video below:

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