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Husband Installed Hidden Cameras To Caught Their Housekeeper Stealing But Finds Something About His Wife Instead

Just like a 36 year old man, he posted on a social media page that he noticed that the things inside their wife’s room will be missing and seen on the other day.

He suspected their housekeeper Rachel, a 25-year old nursing student at a local college. She is task to clean their house every Monday. They hired her because she is highly recommended by his friend, a pastor. For a few years, she used to be their housekeeper too.

One day, he noticed that his Seiko watch went missing. He searched for it for a week and couldn’t find it anywhere he looked. He found it on their dresser the day ‘Rachel’ came to clean.

The things inside their room are strangely appearing, reappearing and getting moved around over the course of time.

He became suspicious and feared for their safety. So, he set up an old trail camera in their bedroom behind a bookshelf.

He monitored the feed of the hidden camera. Two weeks upon installation, he noticed “Rachel” spending a lot of time cleaning the closet. When he checked inside, the space was clean but a bag of his and his wife’s toys had been moved.

He went for a business trip and when he came back he replayed the videos and pictures. Again, he saw “Rachel” come into the bedroom and begin cleaning the closet.

In the next few images, the man’s wife walked in and sat on the bed.

He can finally breath because they have the proof that she was stealing their things but that didn’t happen.

She and the housekeeper talked for a while. Then suddenly, the photos showed “Rachel” leaning over and the next picture shows her burying her face between her wife’s legs!!

There are 57 pictures in total from the feed, 15 showed “Rachel” and his wife going at each other enthusiastically, and even using some of the toys during their act.

He felt betrayed and texted his wife “Wife”, you know I suspected “Rachel” was stealing from us? Well, I set up my camera in our bedroom. I did this to catch her, but it obviously caught something else. I’m not mad at you, I just feel betrayed. Why would you do this without talking it through to me?

He then let on, that they have discussed in having a three some but never acted on it.

The man never updated his post. So, take a wild guess.

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