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He Was So Happy When His Girlfriend Announces Pregnancy, But Everything Change When He Read The Text Message!

Having a child is a blessing even if you least expect it but will a child be a wonderful gift once you found he is not your own? A guy shared the story of his friend who thought of having a child with his longtime girlfriend but later found out he is not the father of the child.

Here is his story: The mentioned story was shared by the Facebook page UP Secret Files. The featured guy in the story was named Mark who worked as manager in an establishment in Bacolod. He has a longtime girlfriend for 8 years who worked in a hotel after she graduated with a degree in HRM.

The relationship of Mark and his girlfriend is accepted by their parents since Mark is a responsible guy and has a stable job. He also admitted that they are  active and lend sexy time four times a week. Both Mark and his girlfriend are not afraid with the possibility that they would end up becoming young parents because with their jobs, they can already raise a family. Good news came when Mark’s girlfriend told him that she’s pregnant and just like other men who are ready to become a father, Mark is excited.

Their families are bot against the pregnancy and even supported Mark to live with his girlfriend so he can watch over her since her pregnancy is pretty much sensitive. Days passed until Mark noticed his girlfriend’s actions become cold. She’s always on her phone without telling anything to him.
However, he did not bother because he trusted his girl so much. One night, Mark’s girlfriend left her phone in their as she was in the bathroom taking a quick bath. The phone kept on alerting with notifications. Although he was respecting the privacy of his girlfriend, because of curiosity he checked her phone and read the conversation of his girlfriend and a guy named Kris. Much to his surprise, Mark found that he is not the father of the child his girlfriend is carrying but a product of infidelity which happened between Kris and his girlfriend in the hotel where they are working. Worse, Kris is a married man and has already a child.

In the end, Mark made up his mind to part ways with his girlfriend although he still loves her. It’s really a sad story but we hope you learned a lot from Mark’s experience.

Read the story below:

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