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A person can only see what they’ve been influenced by and what influences you is limited by the books you read and whatever else is attached to from external sources.

The issue some have with my writings is because they aren’t from something they’ve read or some other external source that influenced their conditioned view. The understanding of life through a book or what others teach is very limiting because one becomes influenced only from that external source. You can only truly see what’s in the heart when that view is in place; influences are from the external. This is just the way it is. It’s from the silence of the heart that life’s real lessons are learned. The Universe is the best teacher, but there has to be stillness in place that allows one to hear it’s silence.

For whatever reason I’ve been given insights to the workings of how the Conditioned Mind is the cause of all suffering, not because of some outside influence, but because I have developed stillness that allowed my mind to settle enough so the influenced distractions of the external aren’t being attached to. This allows the silence of the Universe to be my teacher. It matters little if what I see is seen by others. Jesus and the Buddha among many others saw things others did not, that didn’t deter them. I write to share with others what has been bestowed upon me, whether it is seen by others is not a concern. One changes inwardly when the Universe does the changing. I would suggest if anyone truly wants to learn why they think and do what they do is to find their inner. place of stillness. This is invaluable if one wants to break free from the external influences of the Conditioned Mind to hear the teachings of silence offered by the Universe.

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