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When the questioning stops it’s not because one has all the answers, it’s because answers are no longer necessary and what anyone else has to say only has value as it relates to your direct experience.

There is no substitution for the understanding of something from direct experience. You can read all the books, quote all the great mystics, sit for hours, go on retreat, belong to programs, and so on, but if you don’t have a direct experience where none of these things are needed, you will remain in the bondage of relying on what others say instead of a deep understanding of what it takes to be free. I notice a common theme in those who disagree with what I write and it usually comes from the way a third party sees things. I don’t agree or disagree with anyone because no one can see anything but what is revealed to them. What others say can resonate with you, but if it’s not directly experienced, it’s as if you are grasping for straws. I have been told numerous times that I’m wrong in a certain view, and I laugh because experience is neither right or wrong, it’s experience.

I don’t care who you quote, unless what you see comes from within, it’s superficial. People can only point and if there is to be freedom from the bondage of self, there will have to come a time when what you see is strictly your own. I know nothing about what resonates with someone else, but I do know what frees me and what holds me in captivity; this has nothing to do with what anyone else says. I read many books when I began this questioning of myself and they assisted in directing me inward, but the questioning has since ceased, not because I have all the answers, but because answers are no longer necessary. This is my direct experience and as far as I’m concern what anyone else has to say only has value as it relates to their and my direct experience.

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