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Once one wants the moment to be different, the label difficult is instantly applied, and when this difficultly becomes too heavy just put it down and understand nothing truly needs to be different.

We can live the life we wish we had, we can live the life we think we should have, or we can live the life that we have. These are the three ways that we live everyday throughout our life. When the alarm rings and it’s time to get up for work, if we hit the snooze for more sleep and wish that we didn’t have to get up yet, we are wishing for life to be different. When we are envious of someone else and think that their life is better than ours, or if we think our life shouldn’t be the way it is, we our living a life that we think would be better if it was different.

When we are in a mind state of being with life exactly how it is, nothing has to be different, what this leads to is inner contentment. When we are content with what is, we are free because nothing is holding us back. Living this way, we live a life that isn’t based on conditions for contentment, this is true freedom. Not being content with the way things are creates the difficulty of wanting things different. And it’s a created difficulty because if you didn’t have the thoughts that you wanted things different and just accepted what is, the label difficulty would never be applied.

Our thoughts create our life, along with our labeled difficulties. If you want to believe those thoughts are who you are than those results fall on your shoulders, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn that no thought is you and no difficulty needs to be created. In stillness neither exist because neither are present. So if contentment is to be the consistent operating mode of the way your life is lived, than stillness must become the mind state more often then not. Use meditation to bring in stillness, use stillness to bring in peace. It’s the formula for a contented life, and with a contented life there will never be a need for one single moment to be different. Now wouldn’t that be different, but it will only be difficult when you tell yourself it is.

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