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Temptations arise and seem like they are a part of being human, but giving into them is not human, it’s conditioning and as long as the conditioning is in place, acting upon an arisen temptation will be common place.

Each time one gives into a temptation, what causes giving into it not only gets reinforced, but it also gets engrained deeper in the subconscious. This is part of the reason it’s so hard to wake up from the sleep of unconsciousness. Without awareness of the temptation there’s no way not to give in. The temptation itself arises because of its trace energy that’s in place, to me one isn’t responsible for it arising, and if there isn’t awareness that it’s there, there’s really no responsibility for the reaction to the temptation. There are so many examples for this, one would be a person who cheats on their spouse. The temptation to satisfy a certain desire arises and because there’s no awareness of it, the reaction to the temptation has be acted upon. If there was an understanding of this, it wouldn’t prevent the temptation from arising, but it could prevent the reaction (acting upon) to the temptation.

This is but one example, how about the temptation to take drugs or reach for something else to alter your mind state. The desire to alter one’s current mind state simply arises and once it does because there’s no awareness of it, one will reach for and act upon the temptation with whatever they have developed to fulfill it. It could be cutting, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or a slew of other things, but regardless of what’s used the response to the temptation is in place because of the unawareness of it. Temptations will arise as it seems it’s just part of being human, but giving into it is not human, it’s conditioning, and as long as the conditioning is in place to act upon an arisen temptation, it will become that much more common place as it becomes unconsciously what is considered the norm.

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