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6 Dangerous Things to a Child's Health That Every Parents Should Know

One of the most valued things that parents try to maintain is their child's health. Most of the parents seek their child's well-being even at the cost of their own. They tend to do anything for their children in order for them to have a good life.

Childhood is a wonderful period, and parents are ready to do anything to make their child smile and laugh. But sometimes it’s easy to take this too far.

Walkers and jumpers

Baby walkers and jumpers have been considered very harmful and have been banned in Canada which has an injury rate estimated over 8,000 cases per year in the United States of America. Due to the heavy load on the spine, most children attain spinal curvature because of their weak structure and does not yet attain the specific tensile bone strength. It also promotes muscle imbalance and bone deformation due to the exerted pressure.

It also deteriorates the development of the motor skills function due to the decreased movement and postural challenge for the child. It decreases perturbation skills and the tolerance of the body to balance itself.

Parents could decrease the harm given by the walker and harness jumpers by using these devices only with adult supervision for only 15 minutes twice per day. Having a consultation with your orthopedic doctor is important to provide the necessary medical advice and precaution.

Juice and milk

Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar content yet has low vitamin content. Excessive intake of juice could also promote dental problems and obesity. It is only advisable to drink fresh juices to children whose age are over one year old as pediatricians insisted. It is better to use fresh organic fruits rather than the synthetic and chemically produced fruit juices.

Milk is also an essential drink for the growth and development of a baby. It contains a lot of nutrients such as calcium which helps to make the bones grow strong. But taking a cow's milk under the age of one year old may harm their kidneys and promote anemia, allergies, and dysbiosis. You can replace milk with calcium-rich foods such as dairy foods, green vegetables and fruits and also foods that are rich in vitamin D.

Bright colored toys

Toys that have unnatural colors and produces electronic sound could potentially affect the creative thinking and development of the children that might produce a bad influence on their personality. It affects their social attitudes as children are susceptible to the things around them as they explore many details that surround them. It commonly promotes their aggressive behavior, anxiety, fears, and depression which they do not fully grasp the certain emotion they cope with.

Choosing the right type of toys with simple visual outputs that are made from simple wood or fabric which could allow simple entertainment and education could mean a lot for their growth.

Warm fabric clothes

Infants have a very immature thermoregulators in their bodies which means that they are more prone to overheating their bodies and excessively cools off their body. They still have some growing body which still needs to develop as their immune system does. Their body needs more time to adapt to the changes in their environment and needs more development to their internal defense mechanism and immunity against certain diseases.

It is advised to avoid wearing clothes that stimulates warmth. It should be a more comfortable clothing which is made from natural and breathable materials to have their chest and belly dry from sweat and make their feet and hands become pinkish and warm.

Gadgets and smartphones

Avoid exposing these infants from the radiation from LED screens because it could harm their eyes and cause a retinal damage which may lead to macular degeneration. It could also result in blurry vision or blindness.

Exposing these children from smartphones and gadget could potentially affect their growth and social interaction. These may also affect their personality and behavior which could downsize their ability for communication and decision-making.

Refrain them from using these devices for more than an hour daily and let them interact with their same age group and adults to improve their social skills.


Pregnant women should strap their seat belt over their chest and not on their belly. It may cause injury to the developing baby in case of an accident or collision which could provide pressure over the belly.

By sitting in an upright position without leaning forward too much is a must everytime you use the car to avoid exerting too much pressure on your stomach. Also, it is much better if you avoid driving a car which is one of the most fatal and common causes of injury and miscarriage.

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