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Having troubles with numbness in your hands? Does it bother you when your distal finger gets a little bit tingly? Or do you notice slight changes in the color of your palms and gets pale? These symptoms might be due to the difficulty of the blood to flow properly due to a blockage in the vessels in the body. It is significant to learn these symptoms to avoid worsening of the present condition.

By maintaining a proper flow of blood in the body, it will help you to utilize the optimal function of your organs and cellular function of the body. But if you're having problems with the circulation of the blood flow, it may result to severe problems such as the cellular death of the tissues in your body due to the lack of nutrients it takes from the blood.

Know these 12 signs of having poor blood circulation:

Tingling sensation

This is due to the loss of blood that should pass to the impinged or blocked the blood vessel that reduces. It may be also due to the rupture of the nerves from the tissue. Reducing the pressure the pressure from the tissues or muscles that causes impingement to the area may resolve the proper flow of blood. It is advised to seek medical attention to rule out certain conditions which cause this symptom.


Due to the decreases blood circulation on the body part, this might reduce the sensation and induce a numbing feeling for a long period of time if the area is not treated properly.

Decreased rate of growth in nails

With the decrease in blood supply through the distal part of the body, the nails could be affected which would decrease its growth. It could also provide discoloration and will be prone to chip off of the nail part.

Darkened circles around the eyes

This is due to the decreased blood conduction in the peripheries of the eyes associated with the lack of sleep. Checking the darkened part by providing pressure, you will notice some discoloration resulting from reduced blood circulation in the area.

Depressed immune system

It is important for our body to have a proper blood flow which carries the white blood cells that help to fight off invasive foreign bodies and prevent infections. Having a reduced blood flow in the body due to plaque formation or blood vessel impingement may result to a compromised immune system and promote chronic infections at hand.

Leg pain

Leg pain is a common symptom of poor blood circulation in the extremities. This symptom is usually accompanied by cramps and tingling sensation. This often leads to necrotic tissues and depressed tissue healing. Medical attention is needed to prevent worsening of the condition.

Cold sensation

Due to the poor blood circulation flowing on the distal parts of the extremity, sensations will be impaired on the part the most distal part where oxygenation is at the lowest. The blood that flows in the most distal parts has a low nutrient level compared to the most upper part. With fact that the blood flow is impaired, it is almost certain that the distal part will have the least function due to the present condition. Primarily, the most distal part will have lesser function and sensation.

Loss of hair

Having poor blood circulation could reduce hair growth due to the impaired nutrition from the blood. It is significant to rule out some possible health condition which is associated with hair loss to prevent misdiagnosis and help to aid from proper medication.

Impairment of the blood flow may apprehend the systemic blood function due to the stasis of blood. This stasis may result in the difficulty of blood to go back to the heart and tend to be retained in the veins of the lower extremity.


Having a decreased blood flow may result to indigestion because of the decreased function of the stomach to release necessary acids. Indigestion may result to constipation and stomach pain.


It may be due to the decreased blood nutrition to the tissues and muscles. This may be localized or just on a single part of the extremity. It may also be accompanied with pain and tingling sensation. It must be seen by your medical doctor in order to provide proper advice and medication regarding your corresponding condition

Decreased sex drive

If the systemic blood flow is impaired, the body will have a decreased sex drive and libido. Having a good blood circulation is needed to gain more active sexual lifestyle.

Impaired systemic blood circulation will affect more than just your distal extremities. It will also affect your overall health and body function. It is advised to seek a more professional help from doctors to provide the utmost care and treatment needed for your condition.

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