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To the level of understanding of how you alone create the stories you think are needed to live your life, to that extent is how your created stories become the lies you live by.

Whatever it is you reach for that’s outside yourself becomes your story, and unfortunately it also becomes the lie you live by. Life needs no such story or lie to exist, but you probably do because you have never been taught otherwise. Our lies are at the core of everything reached for and what’s reached for actually reinforces the lie. This is why dependency is dependency regardless of what it is. A program, therapy, another book, meditation, retreats, your favorite team, politics, are no different than reaching for alcohol, drugs, food or something else. They are all a form of the lie one’s Conditioned Mind uses to make you believe they’re needed to live your life, but it just isn’t true; there would be existence even if none of these things were reached for. If there isn’t some awareness of this which just may create some space, your entire life can be lived as a lie. Because of the lack of awareness of this, my life was lived as a lie for forty nine years.

Today because there’s some space between reaching for these lies, they’re not nearly as dominant as previously. They still arise because of the conditioning in place, but they have so much less control because there’s awareness of them. It’s imperative to understand how the reaching itself is the lie as what’s being used only matters in the respect to the harm it causes. It seems the less harm it causes the more the lie is accepted, but this is all just part of the lie because a lie is as lie no matter what. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem, know your lies and you will come to know truth, but understand if you don’t they will dominate your life which will than be lived as a lie you alone create.

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