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You'll think twice before getting a henna tattoo after what happened to this girl

Henna tattoos are perfect for summertime. They are natural, they are beautiful, and they are temporary. Because one batch of henna goes a long way, henna tattoos are a great activity for parties and are especially fun for kids at a sleep over. Just be very careful and cautious of where and what substance your henna tattoo will be coming from.

Madison Gulliver, age seven, was with her father, Martin, who agreed for her to have a non-permanent henna tattoo while on a holiday vacation in Egypt.

At first, she started to complained of an itchy feeling on the affected areas but nonetheless continued on with their vacation.

But shortly after returning home, the skin under the henna tattoo started to swell.

"We noticed there was a small patch on the top of the tattoo that was raised but we couldn't see any redness," 
"The next morning the whole tattoo was starting to get itchy, so we washed it off which revealed a rash in the outline of the tattoo."
"It started to blister so we started looking on the internet about black henna tattoos and that's when we realised all the worrying things." he said.

Madison's parents try to consult the doctor and they gave her steroid cream but when the swelling started to become blisters, the young girl was quickly rushed to a specialist.

They ran a series of test including the liquid seeping out of the blister and they were shock to discover a high level of PH, a clear indication of a chemical burn injury. Doctors have no other choice but to cut and peel away the blisters to tend the wounds underneath.

'They thought they would be able to soak the blisters and rub them off, but that wasn't possible as they were so thick, so they had to cut them off."

'They decided to treat the skin by removing the blisters, so they could access the burned skin underneath" Martin continued.

After the treatment, Madison has been referred to a scar management unit and was advised to wear pressure bandage on wounds for atleast six weeks to minimise the scarring of her arm.

In an email to the family, Heike Moursy, guest relation manager of Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas, where Madison got her henna tattoo said: 
"On behalf of the owner from the Beauty Center we apologize again what is happened with your daughter.We don't want to have such horrible reactions to anybody in the future again."

"Therefore our General Manager Mr. Max Shoukry have spoken with the owner of the beauty center to stop the offer of any henna tattoo."
"We know, this does not help your daughter but we wish her to get well soon."

The general director of Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, Dr. Chris Fowler who check on Madison's case warned everybody of the so-called " black" henna tattoo.

"Real henna is never black, but is orange-brown. Any very dark temporary tattoo should be treated with caution."
"PPD (Paraphenylenediamine ) is safely and legally used in permanent hair dyes where clear instructions are given, and where the maximum level is controlled by law. But black henna often contains PPD at high levels, to give a dark colour quickly."

"When applied to the skin in the form of a black henna temporary tattoo, PPD can cause chemical burns and lead to allergic reactions."

Lisa Bickerstaffe,of the British Skin Foundation, added:
"Check the colour if a product is described as 'henna'.Henna is an orange-red colour, so if you are offered a temporary tattoo with 'black henna', it isn't actually true henna. If in doubt, stay away."

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SOURCE: Dailymail UK

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