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WARNING: Waterfall Glittery Cases Now Being Recalled On Stores! Cases of CHEMICAL BURNS Now Being Reported. Check The Photos Here!

Waterfall Jelly Cases are very in demand today since there are a lot of unique and cute designs to choose from. Some of those looks like these:

However, many Netizens now have been posting a lot of unexpected chemical burns from this case.

Like this one that has been reported on a Wellbody Website, that an Elizabeth Figgins posted on Twitter regarding her experience with her jelly case.

Image by Elizabeth Figgins via Twitter

So Philippines Reports Team decided to warn public that it's better to be safe than sorry. Can you imagine if you were sleeping and accidentally have put your phone under your cheeks while asleep. And then you wake up with this horror?

Here is another picture we found on The Telegraph Website, a nine year old girl has iPhone-shaped burn on her leg and will probably scar for life only because of that leak that came out of her iPhone-5 C case, a pink glittery unicorn waterfall case.

Glitter from Olivia Retter's phone case leaked onto her leg while she was in bed, leaving her with a burn in the shape of her iPhone 5c

Here is the case that unfortunately leaked on her skin

According to Daily Mail, there is also a young woman has suffered a horrific burn 'as big as her hand' from a glittery iPhone case that broke and leaked chemicals through her pocket.

Here is what she had after she woke up from a broken leaked glittery 'toxic' jelly case.

Almost all items are chemically made, we just have to choose which is toxic and which is not. So always be careful especially when you will give to your kids. 

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