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VIRAL VIDEO: An Adorable Baby Clings On To Mommy After Birth And Refuses To Let Go Warms The Heart Of Many!

Many hospitals today advocate skin to skin contact of mother to child right after birth, whether the delivery is through Caesarian or Normal. This is believed to be benefial for both mother and the newborn baby. 

However, one baby who was brought to her mom right after delivery recently went viral after videotaped clinging on to her mother and refuses to let go, as if still asking for more time to be with the one she had been connected with all those months. 

Photo credit: Brenda Coêlho / Facebook

They said while babies are inside the womb, they can already bond with their mom by hearing her voice from inside. They even know the breathing pattern of their moms. 

This video was shared by Maternidade Cor de Rosa where it went viral, gaining over 9.1 million views since it was uploaded.

The video clip shows, a newborn, daughter of mommy Brenda Coelho de Souza, 24, was brought to her face to face for the very first time, had a skin to skin contact right after C-section. This baby is now named as Agata. 

The staff in the Delivery Room were soon brought to tears by the lovely baby's adorable antics as she refused to let go of her mother. 

It was indeed a beautiful moment and was a great reminder of how wonderful love can be between a mother and a child. 

Isn't this so sweet? Watch their full bonding here: 

The first time encounter is adorable - both of them lying with their eyes shut, Agata wrapped in a green blanket, in what looks like an embrace of pure love. Now the baby is on 3 months old and her mommy Brenda is enjoying her so much. 

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SOURCE: Buzz Flare

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