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This Guy Dip His Feet In The Sea. These Tiny Creatures That Made His Non-Stop Bleeding Can Be One Of Your Worst Nightmares!

Melbourne, Australia - A 16-year-old male teenager was left with “profusely bleeding legs” after being bitten by what is believed to have been a swarm of tiny carnivorous sea creatures in Australia.

After playing a football game, Sam Kanizay went to Dendy Street beach in Brighton, Melbourne to soak his feet and entered the waters only to feel a tingling sensation.

He was shocked to see his legs bleeding upon coming out of the waters after about half an hour.
“I walked out of the water, saw what I thought was sand covering my ankles and lower calf so I just shook it off violently and it came off" he said
“By the time I walked across the sand, about 20 metres, to put my thongs on, I looked down and noticed I had blood all over my ankles and feet."
“I didn’t really know what to think of it, it was a bit of a shock. A bit of a random thing to see.”

By the time he had reach home, the bleeding hasn't stopped which suprised his father, Jarrod, upon witnessing the state of his son's legs.
“My dad gave me this funny stare and I gave him a stare because we both just had no clue what was going on,” Sam said.
Jarrod could not stop the heavy bleeding which was coming from small holes on the lower part of his leg so they decided to take him to the hospital.

He was tended with first aid treatment and antibiotics, and later taken to a different hospital for further tests, but his legs still continued to bleed into the early hours of Sunday.

Others had said that the wound might have been caused by sea lice although the exact cause was yet to be determined.
According to experts at the Museums Victoria, they are “active at night when they swim, they can reduce a dead fish to a skeleton in a few hours. Although usually resting buried in sand they are active swimmers when searching for food.”

Jeff Weir, a Marine Biologist who had suffered a similar incident while on a dive, told ABC News he thinks it was a type of amphipod, a small shrimp-like crustacean.

Sam is expected to make a full recovery without any permanent scarring.

The next night, Jarrod went back to the beach with a net filled with raw red meat and caught the creatures he believes were responsible for his son’s injuries.

“I’d hate to see anyone else going through this. If we can prevent it for anyone else, that’s the aim of us talking to people,” Sam’s mother, Jane Kanizay said. 
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SOURCE: DailyMail UK

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