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This Couple Was Seen Doing THIS On The Subway; Now, Netizens Are Giving Mixed Reactions!

As the old saying goes, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”, but those thousand words can differ from person to person.  This is because how we interpret what’s going on in a picture is based on each individual’s point of view and bias formulated from their experiences.

A picture posted onto the Facebook page Shanghaiist has been circulating online and has Netizens abuzz. Their reactions vary: some think what the couple is doing is lewd, while others think to believe that the girl is suffering from a condition and the guy’s giving her a helping hand (so to speak).

As you can see the woman is lying down on a seat on a commuter train in China. Her head is resting on his lap and he’s looking down at her face while his left hand is resting on what appears to be her groin.

For daily commuters in Metro Manila who ride the MRT or LRT, this image must be shocking, perhaps not because of what the couple is doing, but because of the lack of passengers on the train. Getting a seat on a train in Metro Manila is like winning a small lottery and the opportunity usually only comes once in a blue moon, being able to lay down on a seat with legs outstretched seems impossible.

There are no captions or descriptions given by the person who originally posted the image to give context to the situation.  We don’t know what time this happened, for all we know these two are returning home after a night of drinking and the girl’s dizzy from intoxication. It is also unclear if the girl is wearing a blindfold or if the black area on her face was added by the photographer to conceal her identity.

While Many have jumped to conclusions regarding the picture, there is no definitive answer as to why the couple was doing what they were doing. Was it because of Love or Lust? Was it because she was sick? Maybe they just did it because they could. Honestly, we may never know.

What do you think the couple was doing in the picture, do you have any theories? How would you react to seeing a couple doing this on the MRT or LRT? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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