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Clinging to anything is a prison, but the thing grabbed is only the sentence, the prison is the lie the Conditioned Mind creates that tells you what you cling to is needed to make life better.

The reality of our internal and external world is impermanence and because of this when there is clinging to anything, there has to be suffering. So suffering is directly related to what one clings to and how tight the hold is. This is a natural phenomenon of life and since this nature of impermanence can’t really be changed, the only way for the suffering not to occur is to learn how not to cling to things. You can still enjoy all that life has to offer, but if true liberation is to be experienced, clinging will have to fall away. I say fall away because many cling to not clinging and thus stay attached to the their suffering. Letting go isn’t really a doing, it’s why many remain entrapped to the bondage of self. If true liberation is to be experienced, there will have to be awareness of the conditioned ideas, concepts, and beliefs that are in control. Few have this willingness because of the conditioning in place to stop this clinging, hence the need to reach for something constantly rears its ugly head; because it causes suffering.

One clings because the conditioning in place is based in a lie. This lie is what one stops clinging to and that’s how truth is revealed. It’s not a truth that can be explained because the moment it is it gets clung to because it becomes an idea, concept, or belief. This is why in stillness truth is revealed. All that I know today and it’s not much, has been revealed to me. To truly stop clinging it has to be seen that all that one clings to is a lie. If this isn’t seen, the clinging continues along with its associated suffering. This moment needs no idea, concept, or belief to be, if you can see this than the clinging is naturally lessened because the Now exist free of any lie and without the lie there is simply nothing to cling to.

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