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The Learning Curve of Compassion

There’s a learning curve in life that allows one to let things go so compassion can arise. It matters little what our intentions are if what comes out of our mouth or if our actions aren’t from compassion.

This learning curve of life isn’t something to be held onto for strict adherence, it’s more so used to stay opened to the ever expanding view of compassion and not get caught up in self serving actions. Compassion and tolerance especially have to be at the forefront when others are involved. It’s not always easy to understand where others are coming from so it’s better not to judge and try to deal with each situation from a place of neutrality. This is much easier said than done, but by practicing quietness it gets easier to decipher what the most beneficial course of action is for all involved. We shouldn’t be to hard on ourselves especially because the Conditioned Mind process of awakening is slow and it has to be accepted as it is if one is to be at peace. On the other hand our conditioning is not to be ignored because we won’t learn from it and the same reactions will be repeated over and over again.

Although our journey may seem mundane at times, it’s only a self serving mind that makes it appear this way; life can never truly be mundane. Every moment of everyday is new unto itself, and when it’s lived in the present, it’ll be realized what a gift life truly is. It’ll be understood that what our learning curve affords us is not the mundane life of living in the past or future, but the ability to live in the present more and more and respond to life from a place of compassion instead of reacting from a self serving mind. The more this is done, the less mundane life will be and the more compassion one will have for themselves and hence for all beings.

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