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When the blame game stops, it has nothing to do with the world or people changing, it’s because the enemy is found and it is you. Once this is seen there’s no more pointing a finger at someone because there’s no one to blame.

It’s very difficult to go beyond your own conditioning when the blame game is played. There’s only one way to break the chains of the Conditioned Mind and that’s by stopping the blame game of pointing your finger at others. No one can make you do or feel like anything, but if you give something or someone that power, they own you. There are no facts to the way that you feel, but if it’s always something or someone else’s fault as to why you think you feel a certain way, you are just giving your Conditioned Mind the energy to manifest blame, which just keeps you entrapped to your own misery. Many injustices are done, but so what, it’s the way many humans are. You can point all the fingers you want, but you just reinforce the conditioned energy by doing so.

There’s also the delusional blame game where you make up stories. This is an extremely heartbreaking place to be because the internal struggle manifest outwardly with almost everyone. There’s very little harmony with others when this blame game is played because there’s very little harmony with yourself. I blamed the world and the people in it for all my troubles and for many years this was reinforced on a daily bases, I had the inability to look at myself. It wasn’t until the blame game stopped that my life changed, not because the world or people changed, but because I had found the enemy and it was me. Once this was seen there was no one to point a finger at so there was no one to blame.

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