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TEST: The Animal You See First Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are!

There are some things that everyone craves, things that we ought to find out one way or the other. One of those is the forever famous question, “what does the world think about me?” – Basically, the opinions people keep about you are directly linked to what kind of a personality you have.

Although there are numbers of personality tests online, the best way of finding out what kind of a person you are and what kind of a personality you have, is through this test. In this test, there is a picture of different animals, whichever animal that you see first, reveals what kind of traits you have.


There are many animals in this picture, especially infused to see what your eye catches first. Now here’s the mechanics, whichever animal you saw first reveals what kind of traits you have. Are you done looking at the picture? Got your animal? Good. Now let’s see where you stand.
Before revealing the results, you need to consider these three things. 

1) Which animal did you identify the fastest? 
2) How much time did it take you searching for another animal? 
3) Which other animals could you identify?

It is a system that has lived on for generations that every human being has a ‘spirit animal’ – it is said that both men and animals have similar personality traits, which changes from person to person. Let’s see what you’re like.

RESULTS: When you see this animal first. 


If the crab caught your eye first, this means you’re a lively person, happy go lucky and have an immaculate sense of humor which makes you stand out from the rest.


If you saw the bird first, it means you have an extremely outgoing personality and you’re impeccably bold, with a tinge of outgoing behavior as well.

Credit to owner: Alan Murphy Photography

If these two caught your eye together, it means you have a very sensitive and emotional personality. Little things which don’t match your mood bring you down easily.


If you saw the horse before all the other animals, you are a free-spirited person and definitely independent.


If it was the dolphin that caught your attention first, it means you have a very creative, artistic and imaginative personality. You definitely think out of the box.

The ducklings are probably the hardest to find in the picture, but somehow, if you saw them first, it means you have a quiet, but extremely focused personality.

If you saw the bear first, it means you have a very strong personality and you’re a natural born leader.


If it was the puppy you saw first, it means you are a kind and a gentle-hearted person who cannot see anyone or anything in pain.

This test is an example of convergent thinking of humans, in which the brain limits the options you are able to take naturally. We’re all blessed with individual brains, but every single brain thinks and performs in a different manner, which showcases traits of our personality. If we get to find out the way our brain works, we can learn and focus on the best of our abilities.

1) Finding the crab and bird together required attention to detail and contrast. Whoever saw these first has a sharp mind that is good at identifying different patterns.

2) Finding the horse was very difficult. Those who managed to find it are deep thinkers and have a detailed outlook on life.

3) In order to find the dolphin, your brain needs to relax and focus on searching for it. This is directly proportioned to the creative side of your brain.

4) Those who found the bear first always look at the bigger picture and do not pay heed to little, unimportant details of life.

What did you got? Share us your spirit animal and comment down if what you got is correct, if it really explains how a person you are. Share it to someone so that they would be aware on what type of person they are. 


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