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Surviving Wife of the “Cement Mixer Accident” Victim Narrated the Terrifying Experience. Truly Heartbreaking!

Losing a loved one can be emotional and very traumatic time,  the feeling of loss does not go away on its own if not allowing oneself to grief because grieving is a process and only time can heal.

True enough,dealing with a death of a loved one each person handles it differently. It’s understandable how this time can feel for anyone. Thus, while grief is dealt with in the person’s own way as no one can feel how someone actually feels for another but the individual themselves.

Just like Marife Ramos, the surviving wife of the car accident victim (Ulysses) who is now dealing with the emotional pain over the untimely death of her husband caused by the “cement mixer truck accident”. Though, her body hasn’t fully recovered from the accident, she and her three children have to take courage dealing with the loss.

It was last Tuesday afternoon at  Mindanao Avenue, when the couple (Marife and Ulysses) and  their three children were together in the car when a speeding cement mixer truck outmaneuvered, mounted the center island and landed on the top of their car. 

Miraculously, Marife and their children survived the horrifying accident but unfortunately her husband (Ulysses) did not. He was the last person to be rescued from the car crash after two agonizing hours.

Marife shared her first-hand experience in an interview with GMA news

“Kitang-kita ko po ‘yung reaksyon nung pagkabagsak nung bubong nung kotse sa may ulo ng asawa ko, tapos ‘yung iyak ng mga anak ko,”  Marife said. [I clearly saw how the car’s roof crashed on my husband’s head, and the way my children cried.] 
“Dasal ako nang dasal, please Lord Jesus hawiin n’yo po ‘yung nasa bubungan namin, ang bigat-bigat po. Sabi ko po sa mag-ama, ‘hinga kayo, hinga kayo, ‘wag kayong  matutulog,”  she said. [I prayed, and kept on praying, please Lord Jesus take away this very heavy thing on top of us. I told my family, ‘breathe, breathe, don’t you sleep.’]

“Tapos ako nararamdaman ko init-init ng ano namin, hinihipan ko asawa ko para magkaroon siya ng hangin,” [And I felt a very discomforting heat, I blew wind to my husband, to give him some air], she narrated.

During that moment, she felt that her husband comforted her by resting his hand upon her leg.

Marife recounted that days before the tragedy, her husband told their kids last Sunday not to give their mom ill feelings “Huwag n’yong bibigyan ng sama ng loob ang mommy ha…” It seems like Ulysses had  a strong feeling that something bad was about to happen.

So netizens what do you think about this tragic accident? Share your thoughts with us!.

Source: Kicker Daily

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