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Parents of 12-Year-Old Girl Who Committed Suicide Are Now Bashed By Netizens!

Doing great effort to achieve higher grades takes a heavy emotional burden on students. There’s the paranoia of having your classmates beat you on tests and also the pressure coming from parents expecting their children to excel in their studies.

Getting good grades may make some students happy but the question is “Are they really happy?”  The stress that they endure from the pressures of parents, teachers, schools and peers have many physical as well as mental effects on every student, some more harmful than others.

Recently , a 12-year-old Filipina girl in Singapore committed suicide due to her Math exams result. The girl was identified as Lisa, a Secondary One student (first year high school) at Cedar Girls Secondary School in Sembawang, northern Singapore.

She is the only child of Filipino parents who migrated to Singapore when Lisa was still four years old and have gained Singapore citizens status since then.

She was well behaved and quiet, her teachers described her as an active student participating in the school’s track and field team. Her untimely death was quite unexpected.

At around 6 PM on August 3, police officers knocked at the homes of the tenants in the family’s apartment building to identify the girl who committed suicide. Lisa’s father immediately went with them. Unfortunately, he confirmed that it was his daughter.

The principal of Cedar Girls Secondary School said .“When her father discovered that it was actually his only daughter that had died, he broke down and cried. They had moved in when the girl was just four or five years old and they were a close-knit family. The girl had always been quiet and well-behaved so her suicide was a huge shock,”

The girl reportedly felt sad and disappointed some weeks ago because she barely passed her Math exams, Lisa has always been an overachiever according to her mom.  Moreover, she felt rejected as well at her secondary school, thus making it hard for her to make friends in her new class.

Her mother told the reporters; She told me a few days ago that she had received the results of her mathematics test and she had barely passed the examination so she was upset. But I never thought that she would commit suicide,”

Police are still conducting thorough investigation to know her exact cause of her death even though the death was being treated as suicide.

Meanwhile, netizens continue to bash the girl’s parent for her untimely death. Most of them believe that they were responsible for the young girl’s death due to the pressure of trying to keep good grades in school which eventually led her to take her own life.

While others think that she wouldn’t be an overachiever as her mother claimed if she was not pressured to be outstanding in school.

So netizens what do you think about the girl’s untimely death? Do you also agree that her parents are responsible? Share your opinions with us!

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