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When what you have is more than enough, it’s because of the love of your own heart, but when you are given love from another, it opens up a beauty to life that can only be seen through the eyes of their love.

We can give endless amounts of love which is beautiful in itself, and I have found that no love is needed in return to experience this beauty, but when love is returned it actually puts you on another plane. Not a magical or mystical one, but one where there’s a sense of peace and contentment that nothing of the material plane can provide. About ten years ago I was shown love from the Universe that I still don’t fully understand, and if that was all I ever got that would be enough, but I’ve been given so much more and it’s because of the people who are a part of my social media network and the people who are physically in my life. I write because of what was revealed to me and the way it has opened my heart is not something I can take credit for. This doesn’t mean confrontation with people doesn’t happen, but I’ve learned to give it a try and rectify it. If there’s persistence in the confrontation, I will simply drop it and move on. I will always attempt to convey the message revealed to me in a loving way, but sometimes it’s just not received with love. I know it’s because not everyone is in the same place or sees things the same.

I don’t really concern myself too much with this mostly because I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I know there just will not be a connection with everyone, but for those who there is a connection with, it is simply beautiful. Having relationships with people was never my forte, but it is now something I cherish. I have experienced so much love in my life and it’s a direct result of who is in my life. This starts with my wife, family, friends, work associates and goes all the way to the last person I talked to on FB messenger who I just met. My part is to love. Some people still annoy me as I’m not perfect, but the love I’ve been given as a result of the love the Universe has shown me has made every article, every phone call, even every confrontation worth it, and even though I don’t need anything different than what it is as what I have now is more than enough, because of all of you, I see a beauty of life that can only be seen through the eyes of your love that’s given to me.

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